Friday, December 14, 2012

To Infinity and Beyond

Nobody has tracked my recovery from coma to consciousness, That's why the pictures and the narratives.
"Predicting the chances of recovery of consciousness and communication in patients who survive their coma but transit in a vegetative state...remains a major challenge." The attitude of "It can't happen, so don't bother" prevails. The case this was written about happened, though. Should that be ignored also then?
"Very few studies have examined the slow neuronal changes underlying functional recovery of consciousness from severe chronic brain damage." I don't possess the equipment or ability and can only post pictures and narratives. It is truly a loss for science to be so close-minded.
What I now look for isn't there. What do I expect next? This obviously hasn't stopped. The following hasn't happened, "This case shows that old dogmas need to be oppugned, as recovery with meaningful reduction in disability continued in this case for nearly 2 decades after extremely severe traumatic brain injury." It's only been one decade for me. All I can predict is that there is one more decade. That would still allow science to do some of the above. This is only the case if my predicament takes the same amount of time.

Like the video, my recovery may  not be graceful, but I'm doing it.

(The above quotes are from and are about a man who began talking nearly 20 years after his TBI occured,

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