Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Brief History of My Condition

I give a brief synopsis of my history.
Initially I was unconscious. No question there my medical records state it. Well, when I opened my eyes, I was supposedly still unconscious. I was diagnosed as that. I was deemed vegetative (PVS, not MCS). PVS is Persistent Vegetative State and later becomes "Permanent" if recovery doesn't shortly happen. This was me.

I slowly got better. "She's gonna die, anyways," was the thought.  I managed to get out of a hospital setting. I did up my diagnosis to "semi-vegetative." It was still vegetative, though.
Not only did I not die, but you are reading my account.

The local newspaper did a story, The pictures are at the hospital that sent me home. I was not typing at that point. I sent the man next to me in those top photos a message, but that was difficult. You can read I was a vegetable.

I keep telling people I am getting better. Only a few believe me. Someone is impressed with my speech improvement and makes some study videos. A year later I made my own.

A year after that I published an update.

I think it's pretty obvious I am not in a coma- an open eye one. It is explained to me that I am, though, in this letter. I also think it's obvious I am not vegetative. This vegetable talks and makes videos. Get it straight or be laughed at! I'm just fine. I have no cognitive deficits. My mind is the opposite and dances around you.

UPDATED  10/31/2016


  1. Thus we began exchanging info to develop a strategy(-ies) on changing what you said is equivalent to a ban on you, or people with the PVS diagnosis, from receiving or asking for normal medical examination and assessment to inform yourself and the medical system of your brain's healing thru neurogensis or plasticity.

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