Sunday, July 10, 2011

We Suck

This is in reference to

When I say the government dropped the ball with me, I'll explain my situation, and then let you come to your own conclusion. Some may have harsher words. I use myself as the example, but there are many Americans with whom the government "dropped the ball." Many of them don't understand why.

When I started I was working  I tell my story in Since I was working, I had good insurance. I went to a nice brain injury rehab connected to a hospital. But that insurance didn't last. Right before I left I started making sounds. This was a big deal scientifically. That hospital had me scoped - they threaded a camera down my nose to my voice box.  They were doing the scientific research. Then the research stopped. My insurance ran out. I switched to the government's Medicaid program (Medi-Cal in CA).

The government took over and I wasn't the subject of interest anymore. No more research. I began the "Medicaid Shuffle" - I moved from place to place as I wouldn't qualify because I gained more skills, or abuses removed me, or the economy forced the place to close. It was no longer about research. It was about survival.

So I got better on my own. I did my own research. I'm giving my knowledge to the others out there who also don't have anything. (Oh, and excuse me on the documentation. I did the best with what I had. This is all from a psychologist's point of view not only because of my background, but as a medical doctor I definitely wouldn't have access to equipment. The same goes for therapy-crappy equipment, not all the equipment I needed, and the lack of a skilled set of hands.)

I didn't even talk about Medicare. Hey, that's what everyone is working for. Well it's only a step up from Medicaid. It's crappy too. It's also government. In the next paragraph I mention the government dental plan. Medicare don't worry. You don't even have one.

To Medicaid (the government) research isn't "medically necessary", just like teeth. Toothache? Pull it. Put your food in a blender, stick in a straw and suck it. That should be the government's new slogan, "We Suck."


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