Thursday, June 30, 2011

Angela's Rest Technique, or, The ART of Sleeping

This is rather simple. I and a few others have done it with success, but it is yet to be studied. If it does or does not work for you please contact me or leave a comment here.
Everyone sleeps. Sleep on the side that doesn't move. That's simple enough. I recommend  alternating nights  so a preference doesn't form.
Here's the reasoning: constant information (input) is presented to that side and the brain deals with it by re-wiring. Constant information comes from body weight and gravity. The force of gravity puts constant pressure on the body. Sleeping on a particular side concentrates that force. As a result of the person receiving constant information on the affected side, the brain grows new neural pathways. These pathways not only deal with  the information, but are responsible for movement.

This would not work for Spinal Cord Injury, or anything that would interfere with movement.
Once there is movement, even the smallest, do it again and again.

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