Saturday, June 24, 2017

I Don't Think Like A Human

It may be hard to think like a scientist for some but it isn't for me.  "Thinking like a scientist is really hard, even for scientists." It goes on, " But parking your own agenda and staying objective is not the human way."

So I'm not human?

I used to use that song when I would joke on Twitter that I'd fly in my UFO.

I had a hemorrhage, a bleed in my brain.  

"Hemorrhage" sounds so bad. It is a bleed. The word "bleed" doesn't sound as dire. It's easier to spell. I had to look up the other. Why wasn't it just said I had a stroke? Is someone better if they use big words?

I shouldn't be writing this. I shouldn't be thinking. "Thinking like a scientist" is out of the question.

Now I think about stem cells. More specifically, I thought what happened to me is a proposed experiment.

Now that's thinking like a scientist!

I pay attention to different things, now. I'll notice what's not usual, and can be broadsided with the plain and obvious.

I'm still human. My blood is red. I'd say I think like a human, just a different one.

I don't have green acid blood.

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