Monday, July 3, 2017

I Got This

My case should have changed departments long ago;  if that is even possible. At least the NIH (National Institute of Health) should have been referred to for investigation. Do they even have a referral system?

Instead, my case is handled through The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). They are the agency that initially removed my payee so I could pay a bill but left me unconscious (Persistent Vegetative State).

The person who thought this up (pay a bill but be unconscious) must have been so proud. In reality, the person, and perhaps the entire agency, is operating on The Peter Principle.

There is a big error already. I am not unconscious. I could direct payment of a bill. Like directing payment of a bill, I could direct my medical care.

I have directed my own medical care. I've done better than any government plan. Following their plan wouldn't have a very good outcome. Their plan was to treat with medication until death. I don't think of death as a good outcome.


The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is the agency that took off my payee but left my diagnosis as vegetative. When that was done, I could not speak. Over the years, I could vocalize more and more. I was using 1-3 words but not yet typing when Stanford did the procedure to remove the AVM in my head. I had no problem communicating with them.

After the Stanford procedure I returned to the government program at another hospital. This program is no longer there. After a year and a half there, every patient was packed up and moved. The hospital did not close. The program did.

I was sent home to die, from an AVM in my head that was removed earlier by Stanford. The place that sent me home is the place that removed Stanford's stitches. That sounds like karma of stupidity...not the hospital, but the program.

More years go by. I type now. I type a lot. I speak more, but not as much.

Maybe if CMS gave me some speech therapy.... They can't because I'm designated unconscious.

Oh's the karma of stupidity again.

It doesn't stop there. CMS has created a huge problem. Left and right, people are hearing about an unconscious girl who writes. This whole problem could have been avoided if I had been changed to MCS (Minimally Conscious State) rather than left PVS (Persistent Vegetative State). Now I'm Semi-Vegetative. What's that?

I talk without swallowing. Well, that's a created problem. Speech would have taught me to swallow while teaching me to speak. I taught myself to speak. I am not a speech therapist. Now, I do not swallow when I speak, so CMS says I'm not conscious. It was a Catch-22.


The CMS Strategy

In December 2016, they cut off all food and supplies for my feeding tube pending I have a swallow evaluation. I had one at the end of the month. I guess their creative strategy was "don't feed her." It's a good thing I had a daughter stock-piling food for the Zombie Apocalypse. CMS did the very same test a few years earlier without stopping my food. I could only see this as some sort of punishment.

The test revealed I still needed a feeding tube. Food and supplies didn't get back on track until February 2017.

This is the mentality I have to deal with.

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