Sunday, April 30, 2017


UPDATE 5/7/2017

All names have been removed.

It really was serious. I wasn't in a coma from surgery. No,  surgery was done at the third place I was taken. I was already in a coma.
First, I went to the local clinic, from my office. I never went home like the above report says. I stopped breathing there. I assume they intubated me and put me on a respirator then an ambulance. A helicopter couldn't land. It was snowing.
Second, The ambulance took me down the mountains to a hospital. That place saw that I wasn't breathing. They didn't admit me and immediately put me on a helicopter to a trauma center.
Third, I had emergency brain surgery at the trauma center. There was no time for a scan. The AVM in my head was eyeballed (This was a tangle of blood vessels forming a blood clot or so-called tumor, but it was not tissue). It was leaking and had not ruptured. It looked like I would die. They only stopped the bleeding. (Stanford later removed the AVM in more surgery. click for more info)
As a professional, I'd say this was a good practice opportunity. I guess the doctors did, too. My heart did stop according to reports (but I was still artificially ventilated).

They finished and restarted my heart.
I was left in a coma, never to wake again. What you see here is astonishing.

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