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I followed that reanimation process described, except artificial respiration was first. If that ambulance didn't have a ventilator, it would have been driving a dead body around.
  1. artificial respiration
  2. remove or neutralize the agent causing death
  3. restart the heart
  4. nurse the patient back to health 
I discuss the name Lazarus. The man is a key figure in the New Testament of The Bible. Jesus brought him back to life after he died. The name has since been used to describe the life/death relationship.

[The video is dated Jan 7 and he died Jan 10, 2016.]

My Interpretation"His death was no different from his life - a work of Art."
- Tony Visconti, producer for Bowie's final album Blackstar

Bowie is saying goodbye to us in the video for "Lazarus". He appears in a hospital bed, blindfolded with button eyes. It's symbolic of a weakened, end of life condition.
The ghostly girl who comes out of the closet and crawls under the bed is something of a grim reaper. She is death. As she reaches for him, Bowie levitates in the bed... possibly delaying her touch momentarily. He still has some fight in him.
The levitation might also symbolize entering a state in between life to beyond.
We next seen him free of bandages, up and on his feet, looking a little better and bright eyed. He's reviewing memories and important moments from his life. He does a silly little dance and smiles. It was good.
He sits and begins writing a note or letter... or the script for this video. Knowing death is near, he ponders... and then composes his last work. We see the little reaper girl occasionally, apparently allowing him some time to wrap things up... but looking impatient. Once finished with his final composition, he stands and slowly but knowingly, retreats backwards and steps into the closet from which death entered... and closes the door. It's over.  http://songmeanings.com/songs/view/3530822107859518979/


The dog is named Lazarus. It was revived after being put down.

"As he explained in his article, the reanimation process had four essential steps:   first, remove or neutralize the agent causing death, second, conduct artificial respiration,  third, restart the heart, and fourth, nurse the patient back to health." http://drvitelli.typepad.com/providentia/2017/04/the-man-who-raised-the-dead.html 

That very process happened with me, except artificial respiration was started hours before surgery when I stopped breathing.

When I opened my eyes after a coma, my mother used the name Lazarus to describe my situation.

The Origin of the Name

Not much is needed to be known about Lazarus of Bethany other than Jesus raised him from the dead four days after he died. It was the last miracle Jesus performed before his own rite of passage.

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