Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No Phone Number

FYI, Amazon doesn't have a customer service phone number. After much frustration with their website, I did a search for their phone number. (By the way speech, if you want a consumer to talk, have Amazon lose their order.)

I searched their number. After more pages and clicking "No" to DID THIS INFORMATION HELP, it gave me a page to enter MY phone number. I did. Soon my phone rang.

I told my problem. The customer service person said we had a bad connection. (Damn speech!) I cleared my throat and did it again.

She refunded my order and gave me a $20 store credit. $20 was my time and frustration. All that time was spent looking for their phone number!

A person who had a serious injury has to go on and live. I passed the test of Amazon customer service and got a refund and a credit. If customer service can understand me, why can't the government?


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