Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Communicating With the Dead

Even if my diagnosis is not changed, I will not seek change through court order. Why? Think about this for a minute... Communicating with the dead is big business. That diagnosis has me as severely brain impaired. I was brain dead. People can now communicate with me. That's communicating with the brain dead.

If my diagnosis is changed, I was brain impaired by diagnosis. There's no changing that. 

I started working on my Near Death Experience (NDE) years ago. I've already made the necessary contacts.  You can't change that I was very near death. That diagnosis just leaves me there.

Very clear are these posts. A hallmark of the NDE is clear thinking. The NDE is a big area of research. "CONCLUSIONS: The mystical consciousness and higher mental activity during NDEs, when the brain is severely impaired, challenge current models of brain/mind interaction and may occasionally lead to more complete models for the understanding of consciousness."

I don't have much to report during my initial stages of brain injury, but I have tons in the latter. This essay is in the latter. By reading this, you, the reader, are communicating with a severely brain impaired person.

A person who communicates with the dead:

It is odd, but I have a lot of those attributes now.

Changing my diagnosis won't make much difference to me. It does to researchers here in the medical field. I'm in a coma by current definition. The vegetative state was made a coma. I am vegetative. That means I am not conscious. I can't give consent to be studied. Services to the vegetative are drastically cut. Besides no therapy is no research.

I will go forward in NDE. The life-style isn't too shabby.  I've already been talked about in a different on-line radio program. There will be more.

I know I'm mentioned in this at 7:16. My name is also at the beginning on the second page at a few seconds in:

I'm not looking out for me regarding this change. I'm already taken care of. No, I am looking out for the scientists, researchers, and survivors of brain injury. A researcher once commented on my selfless disposition. I believe that quality can be attributed to the NDE. It may be number 13 of  "13. More loving, caring for others." It may be because I am still brain impaired. Maybe I am gullible. Whatever the reason, people can communicate with a real live once brain dead person! Like I said, I may charge an entrance fee to my house.

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