Sunday, February 26, 2017

Read Me the Screen

I use the desktop and laptop computers due to my disabilities. I do not use a phone.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that someone had age related difficulties reading their phone. This  problem will be universal. (A lot of people have eyesight issues as they get older.)

I have low-vision. I have a feeling this is why I fell between the cracks. I have used screen readers on my computers. A screen reader program will read out loud what is on the screen. I thought that it would be nice to have this feature on the phone (especially for people that get older).

I looked, and it is there!

This looks like a free app for the android phone.
From looking at this, the iPhone has something installed.

The iPhone also has a magnifier as well as a screen reader according to the above link.  On the computer, if screen reader isn't set up, there is a shortcut to magnify text. Just hit CNTL +. To make small is CNTL -. To reset the whole thing is CNTL 0.

I cannot give the following review, but another user does, 

As a partially sighted person I can highly recommend iPhones if for nothing else than its voice recognition and command system "Siri". You can open apps, set alarms and reminders and dictate your messages using Siri. It even answers questions.

Importantly, the iOS spell checker is infinitely more accurate than the Android one.

Apple devices do have accessibility options including screen magnifiers but most apps are not designed to work properly when the device is in accessibility mode.

I also use an app called BigFont to increase the text size beyond the limited effect of the iOS font size settings.

Finally I would never go back to anything smaller than an iPhone 6+.
The BigFont app is what I use on my android tablet - not my iPhone.
               - Jeff Hall 

I just happen to use a large font, because a reader requested it. 

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