Monday, January 9, 2017

Suppression of Evidence or I Don't Know

I learned sign language while I was in a coma.  

In the video I'm showing that the paralyzed hand doesn't always stay paralyzed. That would be my right hand. I thought this to be the big deal, but there is a bigger one. I am using sign language.

Years earlier I couldn't speak. I used those same hand movements, the alphabet in ASL, to spell out words with my other hand. At that time, no one knew sign language and the movement was deemed the spastic movement of PVS.

I never learned sign language. My children did as a pre-reading activity in school. Do you notice I only use the alphabet? I am only using the pictures they learned. I remembered them from long ago after I woke from a coma. Nobody knew what I was doing, so it was ignored.

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