Monday, May 23, 2016

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I was one of these It makes sense to me now.

I was very much aware of my surroundings but I don't look like I am. My youngest daughter is at home. She says I have "bitchface." I looked at my face in the mirror. I show no affect. There's no emotion whatsoever. Happy, sad, angry, or surprised, I don't show it. Here's more on Resting Bitchface Syndrome,

Treatment has been given due to looks. I look like a vegetable so I am placed with vegetative patients.

A music therapist describing me at a hospital... "They put Angela in a wheelchair right in front of me and told me I could start playing. While I played Angela said to me, " I used to play that song on piano." I was shocked that she was able to speak and carry on a conversation - even though she was a little hard to understand in the beginning,"

I describe another situation, "I was at a new hospital (there were many in my long stay). I was fed up by then with new staff having to learn my qualities. So I had a bit of an attitude.

I could hear a nurse outside my room in the hall.  She was talking and laughing with her friends. She came into my room and she changed. She spoke to me very slow and simple, like I couldn't understand. I was getting angry, and she continued. I was just getting angrier. Finally she finished. Lucky for her I'm a smart-ass. I said, "You must be special."

She stopped right there. "What?"

I have been starting to smile. Hopefully that makes a difference. My bitchface can fade away, then.

This came out recently,

How Some Patients in a Vegetative State Can Retain Awareness, Despite Appearing Unresponsive

Neuroscience News

When I first opened my eyes I understood that two hospitals were competing for me while I was in a coma. Why? Probably this, or, me showing consciousness. Something while my eyes were closed must have indicated to doctors that I would regain consciousness. Sorry guys, it took longer than there was funding.
Not only am I writing, but the concepts require serious depth. The issue of savant syndrome gets pulled into this. I finished high school when 16, as well as other early stuff. Savant syndrome might get muddied in this. It might be the answer. Technically, though, I am unconscious on paper. So only I ask those questions.

Since I am writing, there is absolutely no question about my consciousness. Why the government continues to question whether I am conscious or not is a good question. Are they worried something bad will happen?

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