Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Great Shot of My Hands

Sometimes the unexpected shows up in a picture. I wasn't expecting to see this at all. This is initially why I was determined brain dead. I just had the posture and nothing else. Now in this picture, you see the posture, but I add something else. Not only do I add something. but it is the exact opposite. I add life.

Somebody once said to me, "Are you decerebrate?" I wanted to answer 'yes.' That's what this picture is minus the baby. If that picture was of just me laying in a hospital bed, most would say it's the end of life and time to pull the plug. "Are you decerebrate?" or "Are you brain dead?" It's a rhetorical question.

The photo above is impromptu. I didn't plan it at all. My daughter was caring for a friend's baby. He was fussy. I said hand him to me.

The baby got quiet and my daughter took a picture. I looked at it later. It was a great shot of my hands.

Look at my hands. My left hand (your right) is the one I use all the time. It is primarily closed. The palm and thumb are open, but the fingers still come down. My right hand (left side of photo) is no longer tightly fisted, but it is still in a fist.

I earlier had a picture showing the decebrate and decorticate positions. 

The terms mean no cerebrum or cortex of the brain. My hands are still bent. It is said I have no cerebrum or cortex to use. Umm... I am writing this. That picture above, at the top, was just taken and I still exhibit the posture. How am I functioning without most of my brain?

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