Sunday, May 8, 2016

My NDE(s)

Recently, I was reminded that I did not initially believe I had a Near Death Experience (NDE). I didn't see or hear anything.
When I got medical records, there it was in black and white. I had to be resuscitated.

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Further evidence can be seen in my body and behavior since I had a brain bleed. I exhibit many of the behaviors listed:
1. Death is joyous, safe, comfortable. a continuation, not to be feared.
2. Change in profession or job
3. Greater spiritual outlook on life
4. Increased risk taking
5.  Greater "zest for living". Life is for living, the "light" is for later.
6.  Greater appreciation of the daily struggles of ordinary life.
7.  Sense of meaning, even in the most mundane aspects of life.
8. Divorce is common.
9. Greater sensitivity to emotions, feelings, lessons of love.
10. Increased time spent with family, friends, social activities
11. Greater contributions to charity, volunteer service.
12. Decreased over the counter and illicit drug use.
13. More loving, caring for others.
14. More likely to be in a helping or service oriented profession.
15. Can be more resilient emotionally, take more emotional risks as transformation permits accelerated healing.
16. Become religious or spiritual leaders especially after Hellish experiences.
My NDE belongs with the other NDEs, but I had no recollection of one occurring. It does fit in there somewhere. I don't know how to get it recognized. I found the following video interesting. I can't confirm or deny any of it. It is not mine. 

I suppose my Near Death Experience would put me with the other miraculous healings in this video.

The first NDE had to have occurred while my eyes were closed. There could have been one or more. My eyes were closed for 5 weeks. I do have one recollection of seeing the pastor from my church. He was there at the hospital in the very beginning when the coma would have been full-on. My eyes were closed. I couldn't have seen him with my eyes.

Another "experience" happened later while I was still hospitalized,  Again, I did not see anything. Afterwards, I am filled with wonder and awe. I am not dead! Isn't anyone impressed by that? The people present weren't.

There may have been times in between those two. I wouldn't be surprised if it had been happening closer to when my eyes were closed. Memories are very few for me.

People seem to be more worried that I will sue them. That is not my intention. If I was going to sue, I would have done so already. Rather, I see this as a learning experience. Why did I wake up? What works better? (Obviously something is working if you can read this.) I've done traditional and non-traditional. I've done a medication for the eyes linked to restoring vision. My right eye is no longer blind. (That was luck.) Art Therapy - where's that? I took it as an elective in rehab. It was after hours. I once had Massage Therapy. Recreation Therapy is never mentioned and more places offer it now. There's just too much to list.

It hasn't been any one treatment or procedure to heal a brain injury. It's more like a positive attitude, a diligence for exercise, and something strange happened.

I contend there was more than one "experience." Records already show I was near death. If not, then, it could be said there has only been one experience lasting from 12/16/2002 until now. Everyone who reads this would have to have psychic powers, as I am in a coma. My lack of consciousness even affects this area.

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