Sunday, January 10, 2016

It's Not My Birthday

I should have died 6 years ago by government calculations. They calculated wrong. I did not die.

I had something in my head. It wasn't a tumor, because that's tissue. Mine was blood, a tangle of blood vessels. It was called an AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation). "There are several different approaches. The idea is to get rid of the tangle. Surgeons can open up the brain and actually cut out the problem area. Another approach is radio-surgery, which uses gamma rays to eliminate the tangle. Or doctors can thread a small tube through the arteries and inject a glue-like substance that closes off the blood vessels." Sometimes none of those procedures can be done if the AVM is in an area that can't be touched. That was mine. It couldn't be touched. That was the thought, anyway.

The government refused surgery. They would treat me with medication. I knew this would only slow the growth of this thing and I would die. Stanford University thought they might be able to remove it. They did.

I had each one of those above mentioned procedures done. It was experimental. It worked, though.

The government still has something in my head that should have burst and killed me 6 years ago. There isn't. There is nothing miraculous about me living longer than thought. That was just plain stupidity to deny the surgery ever happened.

The miracle is the recovery. To go from severe to moderate has been done by a few children I've seen. (I worked with neurologically involved children.) So far I have done this. I believe going severe to mild is remarkable. I'm now going to mild.

To top it off, I can explain the math and the error of government's ways. Providing the surgery may not have been possible for the government, but it never should have been denied that it ever even happened.

So I'm now turning -6 years old. I should have died 6 years ago. Dear government, will you please explain this to people.

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