Saturday, February 13, 2016

I Pity the Fool

I'm not mad. I am only stating the obvious. You can then believe what you want.

The brain is amazing. It does have the ability to rewire. It has other abilities, too. Things are currently being learned about that take years for acceptance.

People ask about my brain. Here's this...
"What happens is that there is an injury to one part of the brain—most often the left hemisphere. And there is what I called a recruitment of still-intact brain tissue elsewhere. The brain seeks to correct the imbalance and will find an undamaged area, most often in the right hemisphere. There is then rewiring to that new area, and then there is the release of dormant potential, which can be at sometimes an astronomical level. So it's the three R's: recruitment of still-intact tissue, rewiring, and the release of whatever capacity is there."

This is all under savant syndrome. Did anyone think to look there? In my case no. I am typing with my left hand. There must have been " still-intact brain tissue elsewhere" in the right hemisphere. It was either missed or the tissue grew on it's own. It's more likely that the tissue was missed. 

Remember I said there were amazing things like rewiring? Well, there is also something called neurogenesis. They probably both happened in me. I'm not to be studied or anything else. I was listed as permanently being in a coma. I'm not ever to be conscious. The government believes I am still unconscious. Pity.

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