Saturday, September 19, 2015

Long Ago

True story... "Stanford said to follow-up with my regular neurologist. There is no neurologist. This never happened."

I don't get regular follow-along neurology appointments. There were consulting neurologists early on while I had my old insurance from work, but that was a long time ago. A neurologist did my surgery at Stanford. I had to go through the neurology clinic as an indigent patient. Surgery was experimental and covered as that. I know it was around the time Gamma Knife Surgery was developed (which was also at Stanford). It was called "stereotactic radiosurgery." I believe this is now something like "Gamma Knife" and I had a form.

To put into context for people when this happened, it was way before the fMRI. I've never had one. I've had a regular MRI. These were just as good, but not as refined.

The problem of me not getting any services goes back to an even earlier time. It goes back to my diagnosis. I didn't communicate back then, so I was deemed mentally incompetent- a PVS (Persistent Vegetative State) diagnosis does this. When I did start blinking to communicate, I had already been given the PVS diagnosis. Some financial changes were made, but I remained incompetent. (I took this as my inability to talk, mind you I could use my left hand to finger spell in sign language.)

Time has gone on. I started vocalizing and those sounds became words. Words became sentences. I no longer have that old insurance but keep that original diagnosis. I was found to be incompetent then and I am incompetent today. I now write and I am still incompetent.

Time limits should just be removed...for diagnosis and development. Keep time limits for the financial part. This diagnosis is throwing everyone off and I don't qualify for some things. (The PVS diagnosis.)

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