Friday, May 22, 2015

Why Was I Prepared?

I woke up and knew. What I experienced was covered by knowledge I used in work. Where I had been prior to leaving and having a brain bleed...

I was primarily in the home of the child receiving services from where I worked. I was basically a special education teacher for children not old enough to go to school yet. My goal was simple...try to get these kids to where they didn't need a special class, or at least a lot less. So when I woke from a coma and was told I had a bleed, I knew. I would over-hear medical professionals name specific brain parts. I knew what those were. I thought, "Wait! I need that part to understand."

Something was already odd when I woke.

I was also the manager of that program. I didn't like doing it, but I bossed people around. I couldn't talk, but I could dictate orders. It wasn't a quick and easy process, but I'd do it. Again, odd.

Now I write.

Has anyone ever asked "why"? Why did I have neurological education? My main degree is in psychology. Why did I work with brain injured children? We didn't call it rehab. We called what we did education. It was the same thing. This is just more strange stuff.

Why did I know what I had? Why did I know what to do? Why was I prepared for this?

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