Monday, May 4, 2015

False Despair

Yahoo asked if one would rather live in false hope or false despair. The top answer... "If those are the only two choices, probably false hope. But don't get too down on self delusion. Research has shown that part of the reason that the best athletes are so successful is because the[y] believe that they are indestructible. If you believe that you can do anything, there is a good chance that you will be able to do more than someone who knows his or her limits." ( ...The title? Can't Damage Me )

I have been afraid of giving false hope. In an age where I shouldn't have recovery, I am. It makes you wonder...why? It shows, though, that recovery is possible. It's not easy. I didn't take some magic pill.

The idea the brain couldn't heal took over. It's called neurological nihilism. We see it in the way a brain injury is treated. "... left hospital in a wheelchair with the neurologist warning he could expect no further significant gains." Doctors were giving despair.

I can say this is not true. On paper I am still not conscious. (That one will have to be fixed, but there's now a mess of problems to go with it.) This despair that was being given was false.

So there was a feeling nothing could be done. Doctors gave this feeling to their patients through the prognosis. There was nothing you could do, so a patient and family do nothing. A false despair is given to patients and families and nothing is done.

I saw differently. I saw change. I worked with children for so long. Kids change. You couldn't give them a set prognosis because they could show you that you that you were close or terribly wrong. Way before children, I spent a short stint on adult remediation. Adults could still do the changes kids did, but it was harder and slower.

I go back to the false hope I'm so afraid of giving people. I do give hope, but it is not false. I want to say it could be unrealistic, though. If you do nothing (absolutely nothing but wish) then don't expect any changes. You gotta do something,
This hope is a lot better than the despair. It's not false. It's just hard to come by.


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