Thursday, December 18, 2014

Can't Damage Me

Updated   8/15/2016

The following video is the closest I could find to what is going on with me. The clip is of a TV program so it is made to look fantastic. I'm in real life and this is not fantastic. Time is real- sure recovery time in me is fast enough to be noticed over days, but it happens in seconds in that video clip.

The fastest in me would be a bruise. That can take a few hours to disappear. A scratch would be all day. Deeper cuts, 2-3 days. I won't stick my hand in a garbage disposal.

It's my whole body...not just this brain injury that people are so familiar with. This is how I figured it out.....I was hospitalized for pneumonia. I was used to that. This time it was bad, though.  I just happened to be at a top-notch place. They wanted to intubate me. They said I had sepsis. I refused. It was bleak and they said I was looking at a couple months. Three weeks later I was being discharged.

They took blood. Then they took more blood. I left and haven't been back. No poking and prodding at me. I knew I wasn't imagining things and something was up. I'd figure it out myself. I eventually did, They didn't have all the pieces to the puzzle. I did. Some of the key information wasn't even in medical records...but it was in my head.
This brain injury is taking quite a while. As can be seen, I've already gone from severe to moderate. That has taken me a few years. So if those with severe brain injury think they are stuck, no this is not true. It does take years, though, and rehab programs don't last that long. You will have to be prepared to do it on your own.

Being part of my body, my head would heal, too. I've gone from severe to moderate. I've gone from not being able to communicate to doing this stuff. (If you can't read, then I can't help you.) I didn't change the word "Persistent" to "Permanent." I'm sorry I couldn't keep up with an idea of how long I should take to show awareness around my body. The e-mail I received explaining to me I'm still in a coma is the most asinine thing I've ever seen,

My body hasn't stopped responding to attempts at bettering it. People are amazed when it happens.

Is anyone recording this besides myself? This stuff is more important than what's on TV. 


I've opened my eyes after coding. I'd say I was sleeping.

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