Friday, February 13, 2015

Neuroplasticity on Fire

I first heard the term HYPERPLASTICITY in a podcast. (It follows. It's at 36:06.)

Plasticity sped up? I was fascinated.

The following is mostly hypothetical. The first sentence in this video clip...

"It would be speculation to say...."

"Hyperplasticity relates to neurology by incorporating physical (thermodynamic) law into the study the individual nerve cell cycle to discover how the synaptic communication of an old cell relates that information to the new cell in its place. Encouraging new cell growth in grey material of the brain is the object always." I explained how that, the information transfer, happened, . It was DNA replication that happened in me.

That DNA replication will speed-up in me,  . Neuroplasticity will happen fast. Neuroplasticity will look like it's on fire. It will look like hyper-plasticity.


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