Monday, February 16, 2015

Getting Better

"Lost in thought?" Two different people asked the same thing on different days, in the span of a week. No, I am not lost in thought. I am "veggin out." Literally.

I believe this is what happened with "vegetative." I've slowly gotten better. (Years ago a doctor at Stanford said "you are getting better." He was describing the remarkable progress I was making in completing daily living skills.) As time went on, I continued "getting better." It was said I was "semi-vegetative" at a few hospitals into my stay.  (That's a couple years after my injury.) I was no longer "vegetative." I went home and medical records ran out. People thought I died. I didn't. I kept slowly getting better.

I live on my own. I do receive outside care. One of my daughters is now employed by that service agency and can personally do the care. She lives with me.

You know, it appears that recovery of skills are slow, but maybe it isn't for me. Maybe the typical person who is vegetative is on the regular track and I'm on a fast track. That means all of this has been fast. Maybe, I am actually attaining new skills fast, not recovering old skills really slow. (The kids I worked with learned new skills. I only know teaching and education. There is no rehab.)

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