Friday, January 30, 2015

Cheese & Jelly

I can't believe I found an ad showing grape jelly and cheese. It's an unlikely match. I had a memory, though I had eaten such a thing. Recently, I overheard my mother telling my daughter that her father would eat jelly with cheese. I may have seen him doing this when I was a child. Mystery solved! I didn't eat it. He did. I find the combination unappealing. I already told my children I must have eaten it.

I had another memory that was false, but proved to be useful. I remembered staying at a local motel in my current condition before moving to this town. I had knowledge of motels and handicap rooms that was useful in making a trip. That memory never happened.

I've let a natural process called pruning handle these memories. The second memory had my father's mother in it. She passed away years earlier. There was no way possible that experience ever occurred. There was no logic in it. It wouldn't be reinforced and would "prune" away.

The jelly and cheese sandwich was different. I had no way of proving or disproving the memory...until I heard my mother. Now that memory, too, can be forgotten.


  1. But where is the cheese? Although that is what I thought it was as a kid.