Sunday, January 11, 2015

How I Came To Be Unconscious

updated 4/25/15

"We are heavy duty neurobiologists and we have done a study Mr. Searle. We are convinced you are not conscious."  (7:01)

That's what happened to me, but without people. Instead it was a diagnosis. The diagnosis says I am not conscious. 

Give the diagnosis PVS when someone doesn't appear conscious and all is fine. Then they get better....

Well, if someone starts to show consciousness as I did, then make them "semi-vegetative." After that you better hope they die because there is nothing else. (MCS should have been next, not "semi-vegetative.")

"When people do get interested in it [consciousness] they say the most appalling things." (0:48) This is the letter explaining to me I'm in a coma This letter is just an extension of the first error.

PVS can't be "not conscious." Carry it through and see what happens? I am in a coma. Just change the "P" in PVS back to "Persistent". "Persistent" knows no time limit. "Permanent" is forever.


This says PVS becomes permanent after "3 months in the US"

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