Sunday, October 19, 2014

Progress Doesn't Count Here

"You are a fraud. Prove you were in a vegetative state. No one in that kind of mental state of being can use a computer much less form coherent thought. You are nothing but a troll preying on the lesser intelligencia who gullibly believes in your crap." - comment from BerryM on

I'm not a fraud. The government made a mistake. It's a pretty big one, too. To mistakenly label someone as unconscious is big. According to this statement above, the government does not make mistakes. The government was right all those years ago, I am a "vegetable."

So it asks for proof... quotes the most from medical records. I'm not a corpse anymore, either. Why doesn't that get any comments?

This is where I was. (I'd still be there if it didn't close. Could what I am experiencing be due to a failing economy? That would be awesome!) You can't tell me no mistake was made. A music therapist says, "I first played guitar for her when she was in the Sub-Acute area of El Camino Hospital. A nurse one day begged me to come and play for the people there that had no hope. They were what are referred to as "vegetables" and when I first saw them pushed into the room I was getting ready to play (in beds and wheelchairs)….I wondered will these people even be able to hear music…"

I was labeled not conscious because I didn't move. Now that I move you think it would be changed. No, it won't. The government has gone so far as to send me an e-mail explaining to me that I am in a coma,

Progress doesn't count. You are stuck with what you are given and that's it.

So back to that comment, "...No one in that kind of mental state of being can use a computer much less form coherent thought..." I agree. That state can't. Why am I still classified in this state? Is it because my speech isn't understood? I've worked hard on that so it can be. That means it goes back to Scientists Find ‘Hidden Brain Signatures’ of Consciousness in Vegetative State Patients  Oh no! I'm not understood. Now it's something different.

I've learned your way, but I'm still classified "vegetative." Whoa. That's oppression.

 Someone who is asleep will not say no. Neither will someone who is unconscious.

If anyone is "gullible" and feels like I am "preying on [your] lesser intelligencia," please don't read this. It is just a blog, and is full of my opinions. Go read the tabloids or a science fiction novel. I'm not twisting your arm.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

Are you just fooling yourself? "Once confirmed, Angela Ronson, 'progress,' defined as the patient's conditions changes and she's willing to have it studied, would appear to be a valued & positive status upgrade."- Robert Demichelis II. The "progress" I've had has been going on for a long time. What would all of a sudden happen to change that to the progress is now recognized?

Some are excited over the fact I'm exhibiting movement on my paralyzed side.  This progress isn't something new. You are reading this typed with my other "paralyzed" hand. I didn't go to a therapy to get this hand working. I did this myself...mostly using marbles and containers. The marbles came from a recreation cabinet when I was in long-term care at a "real" hospital. No formal therapy. This is what I did years ago with special needs preschoolers.

Progress goes further than that. The big one I noticed was sound. I started making sounds like 7 months after waking from a coma. This is the deep sleep I was in. The government says I'm currently in a coma. I don't think so. I opened my eyes. I just couldn't move and that's what they call coma. I'm too slow to make deadlines, so the original diagnosis stuck. Now I talk. It's funny since I still have that original diagnosis. 

No therapy on that one. That's big. Progress can be heard. The government still has me in a coma, though.

I don't see this new movement I have making any changes. It should...but I don't see it. The government can be very slow. Don't get your hopes up that "this" will be the change. Change will happen on its own time. In the mean time, I will embarrass some people.

Some may think, "OMG! The real deal...savant syndrome." I refer you to the experts. Making diagnoses has never been my thing (and I've been in the position.) I'm not starting with myself.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Medical Records of a Horror Story

I obtained my initial medical records. I knew something was amiss. My initial Glasgow coma score (an initial score of consciousness) was very low. It was 3. The lowest you can get while still alive is a 3.

Recently I re-read the initial hospital transfer record. I knew it said resuscitated, but I wanted to see how the word was used. "Resuscitation" is bringing someone back to life. CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation. If someone has a heart attack, you want to get their heart beating again so you do CPR. You are essentially bringing that person back to life. I wanted the whole context of the word used.

I was stunned when I read the sentence, "The patient's blood pressure and hypothermia was resuscitated." Blood pressure is restarting the heart, but I couldn't believe "hypothermia" was also done. Hypothermia is when your body temperature is below normal. My body was cold.

So I was cold and had no heartbeat. Isn't that a cadaver? I had to look that up. A cadaver is a dead human body ready for dissection.

"Hypothermia was resuscitated," would mean a cold, dead body is brought back to normal body temperature. Not only was my heart restarted, but my body was warmed back up.

Restarting a heart and warming up a corpse has been done in fiction. Now it's in real life.

Why it was decided to revive me as opposed to sending me to the morgue I do not know. For everyone who says "You are lucky to be alive," I can answer, "I'm supposed to be dead. YOU are lucky I am alive."

Updated  11/2/2016