Monday, July 14, 2014

Service Coordination Isn't Lame

I got a new feeding tube.  It went so fast this time because I brought my own feeding tube. I once coordinated the care of people with developmental disabilities.  Put me in charge of my own medical care. If I could do other people, I'm sure I can do my own. I'm tired of going to the ER, waiting hours, running expensive tests, given antibiotics and sent home. All that when I just needed a new tube. 
So "lame-ass" treatment...

They did the best they could with what they knew. Now I know more. Do you keep a spare tire in your car? I'll be keeping a spare feeding tube. I'll be keeping one for the same reason.
All of that could have been prevented with case management (service coordination). There are usually no trips to the ER for the particular condition planned for. (I say usually as something unexpected can happen.) A case manager would have their consumers keep spares.

I once did case management. The job description is under Service Coordinator,  That feeding tube of mine would be the first duty listed. Key Responsibilities – Essential Functions 1. Assess, monitor, coordinate and implement IPP/IFSP through the ID Team process. Schedule and facilitate annual reviews, quarterly reviews, wellness review examinations, clinical consultations, and ID/IFSP Team meetings as required

An IPP is an Individual Person Plan. Aside from a document name, it's your life's plan. In my case it was get a new feeding tube. With a little planning, I have a proper feeding tube.

The VA has a case management component. The concept can be applied to other programs. It cuts costs over-all.

The medical field already has this.

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