Monday, July 7, 2014

Me Feisty?

  "Have you always been this feisty?"


The word "feisty" stuck-out to me. I had never used it. I'd always say I'm different. I never fit in. 

When I was in high school, and people were getting black trench coats, I went and got a trench coat...but it was blue. I didn't exactly fit in. (My hair didn't fit either. My head was shaved on one side.) That blue trench coat didn't fit in to the wildest fad.

"I fight authority"...authority says I'm unconscious. What would you do?

All the ideas and everything I want to say...

"I have so many things in me that you can't even guess them all."

At least I can do this now and get most of it out...

I have scientific ideas. Sometimes I write them down...

"A better term [for PVS or sometimes vegetative]  is "unresponsive wakefulness syndrome", Gary Williams. This is a better term than vegetative. It describes what's happening. Someone like me can't come along and stick a picture of a tomato butt with it.

This really got me thinking, "Moreover, if this person is typing full fledged sentences with complex thoughts they have moved beyond the minimally conscious state and into something akin to "locked-in syndrome" or what might just be called severe paralysis," Gary Williams. "Something akin to "locked-in syndrome" or what might just be called severe paralysis" makes sense to me. Years ago,  friends and family thought I had Locked-In Syndrome. I'd go through a process of blinking yes or no for every letter in  the alphabet in order to spell a word. That's how I communicated with my mother and close family. As I gained movement, I'd point to letters on a board. That's the paralysis. All this is now, is that I point to and press a letter on an electric letter board, the computer keyboard.

Thanks to the internet I can get everything I press out, out to the world. I talked about communication and technology a long time ago,  As technology advances, the  mind/brain issue will become clearer.

The vegetative man in Canada who communicates he's not in pain  screams of this "something akin to "locked-in syndrome" or what might just be called severe paralysis." In  my case and this case we're trapped in unresponsive bodies. I have just been lucky in that I got one finger to move faster.  He communicated because of the technology. I communicate because I use technology. (Try this, use a pencil without an eraser and type a sentence. You have to spell all words correctly and make capitol letters. If the computer freezes, you must hit CTRL, ALT, DELETE. It's not easy. The pencil has no eraser and doesn't stay. Also..."how do you hit three keys? Two is bad, but now there's three?") If you can do that, you either used technology, another person, or your fingers. I guess you could have used your tongue, but I'd hate to see your computer.

Am I really fighting authority? Or am I just telling you how it really is? Is this feisty? 


updated video 6/26/2018

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