Friday, April 18, 2014

We Have A Problem

First off, there's issue with "soul perfectly in tact, but can't get the words out." Isn't that aphasia? Maybe he's talking extreme. Isn't that Locked-In Syndrome (LIS)? LIS is documented. A movie was even made (subtitles are in English).

Here's the  bigger issue, though...I'm not conscious. What he says about damaging one part of the brain happened here. My parts are not only damaged,  but are dead. I was listening to a radio show once, and a doctor gave reference to me and said "80%." So 80% of my brain was dead. No one is sure why I woke up. Well now, regarding what this person above says, I'd like to think I still speak English.

I've previously explained what I thought happened. Another scan of my brain will have to be done. As it is now, I'm writing and giving commentary with enough brain to barely stay alive.

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