Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I do that. Actually, that’s being done to me. I can handle that better than other brain injury patients, though. Simple orientation is all that’s required, not a breakdown of complex theories.

Statistically, this was bound to happen.

"Far too often, patients ... are given up for gone, left to languish in nursing homes where no one bothers with physical therapy or even to check for glimmers of regained consciousness."
How many people is that? Quite a few.

"Approximately 1 out of 1400 people with mental retardation or CNS deficits other than autism do have savant skills."

I’d venture to say 1 out of 1400 people diagnosed PVS will end up regaining consciousness enough to be reclassified. I’m just applying the figures. I’m not doing any math, so that's where I get 1400. That’s an observation of that report. Now this is where I'm not too clear...1 of 1400 of those people would have many skills such as I do.

I recovered this far in skill and predict there will be more attained. Keen observation of myself and others and an understanding of developmental processes allow me to make this prediction.

I would be doing extraordinary things, so I'm extraordinary evidence. Now let me make an extraordinary claim...PVS (Persistent Vegetative State) is a form of consciousness. It's just lower than MCS (Minimally Conscious State). Think about it...there's brain dead, PVS, and MCS. PVS is not brain death. It's not conscious enough to be minimal (MCS). It's consciousness right before death. It can get better or it can get worse, just like anything else.
UPDATE 6/20/2015
New skill of movement can be seen in my other "paralyzed" hand...

UPDATE 5/15/2017

Note that a return to consciousness does not mean a cognitive return.

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