Monday, March 3, 2014

Understanding My Progression to Consciousness

I left the hospital as "semi-vegetative" so I remain "semi-vegetative." What is that? I looked. There's no such thing. I'm only guessing, but the term was coined to describe a high functioning vegetative person. The only difference between "semi-vegetative" and MCS (Minimally Conscious State) I can think of is that "semi-vegetative" starts as vegetative. Someone can't recover from being vegetative. This is what allows some people to be terminated. This happened in a high profile case.

That case is one reason why I left medical facilities. (I've said many times I am doing a medical independent living. I got out rather early, but I knew how to use medical supply companies. I was probably expected to die soon and this situation now wouldn't have occurred.) The feeding tube is why I contacted my local ACLU. It wasn't protected while I was in care. The ACLU in Florida represented a vegetative person there. I wanted to keep my right to eat.
No one factored savant syndrome happening in PVS (Persistent Vegetative State), or just "vegetative" as above. I most likely have this (Savant Syndrome, acquired form). The result has been a slow progression to consciousness. Also, there have been physical changes which I document in photos and video. You can't go from vegetative to semi-vegetative as I have and you can see why. Although I could still fit the definition physically, I don't mentally. It would have to go PVS to MCS. This then allows recovery of consciousness. If not, this whole thing was written by a vegetable.

As for my physical body..."vegetables" are not invested in. Therefor I do the best I can to provide therapy, as my therapy skills revolve around the infant. I push to a stand and my "R"s sound less like "W"s.

The way it stands now, I am not conscious. I started as vegetative, and remain that way. In the eyes of the law I have not recovered. I have been not conscious for a long time.

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