I've talked a bit of communication.

I don't really communicate with speech. I do have some, and it has gotten much better. I'm sure it will continue to improve, as I use it every day.

People have asked if they could talk to me. There's no guarantee on my speech, though. On a good day I'm understood. On a bad day, I'm not. I've reserved using the phone to close family and friends only. It's been better that I use the written word. So I use communication like this.

The following video shows where I'm at now. I do not get speech therapy. I did in the beginning until my insurance ran out. Now I have Medicare and I don't get therapy. There have been a few sessions over the years, but nothing to have gotten me this far. What you see is what I have done.

There's more of that in my group on G+, My Brain Hurts. If you need some speech exercises, http://braininjuryknow.blogspot.com/2010/11/oral-motor-exercises.html.