Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nobody Thought Of That

Savant Syndrome
Web definition
  • Savant syndrome, sometimes referred to as savantism, is a rare condition in which people with developmental disorders have one or more areas of expertise, ability, or brilliance that are in contrast with the individual's overall limitations. ...

I have PVS...but I'm conscious. I used to be on a ventilator. Now  I have a big scar on my neck where the trache tube used to be. I used to be completely paralyzed. What's "recovered quadriplegia"? A neurologist wrote that on a Physical Therapy referral. How do I move? To top it off, I wrote this.

Why do people ask me what happened? Maybe if my diagnosis was changed to something more appropriate like savant syndrome, then I wouldn't have to explain why.

Nobody thought of that-savant syndrome.

I'm not a musical savant. I can barely move, let alone play an instrument. Same goes for being any other kind of artist. The talent would be seen in my recovery. From Dr. Melvin Morse's blog, 
"Think of all those miles and miles of myelin sheath Ms. Ronson had to laboriously re-knit to heal and reconnect her severely damaged brain."

I do have other talents. You are reading one. There's also an affinity for computers. This blog account is one of the many I have. I also have a strange knowledge of neuroscience. Most often I have been mistaken for a doctor. I am not. I had a rather lengthy hospital stay. I've experienced many of the conditions asked about. (I even once had the serious MRSA.) I worked close to the medical field for years. It's not surprising that some of it rubbed off. I have an outstanding memory. It's like I did a 4-year internship in the hospital. It's only from the patient's point of view, though. I assume a lot of medical knowledge comes from that.

I'm one for putting all these talents to use. It's free. I'll use it. "Duh" to everyone else. Go ahead and stand there dumb-founded.

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