Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm Not a Neuro

I'm pretty close to a neurologist, but I really don't have the education or experience in the biology area. I'm not a doctor. My MA is in Special Education and my BA is in Psychology.

I did end up at a county mental health, but focus was psychological, not physical. I didn't deal with medications. I had taken the general coursework on the physiology, but that was not my specialty. There  was a course I took and I was grateful. 

PSYC 3100 - Introduction to Physiological Psychology

(3 Units) Relationship between behavior and physiological processes, particularly neurophysiological processes.Prerequisites: BIOL 1010 or ZOOL 1050.(Lecture, 3 hours)

It was the one I least suspected. I remember the different parts of the brain were covered and what each part was for. This has come in handy. 

I was a behavior therapist at the Mental Health in my county. My job title was Behavior Specialist. I worked with children that had mental health issues, but what I did prior was more applicable to my situation. I was the program manager of an early intervention program for disabilities,

These children had some sort of problem with their brain, but it was never stated that way. All were "at-risk" of developing  a disability. A lot were premature. Some were prenatally exposed to drugs. There was a great deal of foster-care, adoptive families, and extended family members as parents. From genetics to environment, all disabilities were represented.

I ended up knowing all aspects of providing services to families, even how to provide general OT, PT, and speech. You learn how to do those things when you are a special education teacher. Only one of your students receives therapy, but all your students need it. So you go to a session, learn it, and give it to everyone else.

My job was to make any possibility of a disability not noticeable. I had to make it less before school age. 

I now had to give what I learned to myself.  This has been hard when there is difficulty moving. I couldn't move at all in the beginning and had to depend on the system to give therapy. Now it gives me nothing. At least I can move.

My education and experience helped. Maybe this is what is needed in Brain Injury when the medical profession is done. Maybe this is needed with all adult services...SPECIAL EDUCATION. I come from education, not medicine. I'm not a neuro.

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