Friday, November 9, 2012

The Bleeding Brain

I don't know how I'm doing it  but I am. Give me a baby with a Grade IV bleed and I'd do the same. It's  just very difficult when it is yourself.

Grade IV bleed - brain bleeds were classified in severity by stating  how many lobes were affected. A "Grade IV bleed" would involve all four lobes. This was the worst of the worst.

Mine would have been classified as such and it is amazing that I am able to communicate this with you.  A Grade I bleed would involve only one lobe and rarely needed intervention.
"Describe the efficacy of early intervention" or something like that was on the Comprehensive Exam for my MA. One of the answers was reducing the disability one full level (ex. Severe to Moderate).
I was Severe and now I am Moderately Disabled.

In my case, that is exactly what I have done. I'm not early intervention. I'm much too old. The practices and techniques need to be looked at with serious consideration of applying those to brain injury.
What is it that  I did? It's not very common.

I was a program manager. Besides my background in development, I knew some OT, PT, and speech. I also had the necessary business skills of a manager. Focus was always on the child as a whole and the interactions with others. I've used the same approach on myself: focused on the big mess of myself (not just PT or speech or any other specific area).

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