Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not Done Yet

My sister was visiting. "You're talking better than last time."  I should have improvement. Just because I was "found" doesn't mean I stop. Let's look at a phrase, "is even starting to walk again", http://spiritualscientific.com/DrMorseBlog/2010/11/08/angela-ronson-part-2-consciousness-heals-the-brain/  That right there means the process isn't done.
Here it is in full context, "Yet she has made a full neuro-psychiatric recovery, with her personality and memories basically the same as prior to her massive brain injury. She speaks, can use her arms and fingers, and  is even starting to walk again!" I only made "recovery" enough to be declared "recovery." That doesn't say "all done."
There could be many more years or just a week until I'm "all done".
"Probably,  since time doesn’t exist in this all knowledge state, Angela didn’t realize that it would be seven long excruciatingly difficult years to fix her brain." http://spiritualscientific.com/DrMorseBlog/2010/11/09/angela-ronson-part-3-how-our-brain-is-connected-to-the-universe/ It could be 7 more years for the whole process to be done. I don't think so, though. That's just professional opinion as a developmental specialist. We see cognitive skills complete, with lacking in motor. "Talking sounding better" would be improvement in oral-motor skills, and probably maturity of the voice and vocal production. I would doubt many more years, but I can only work so fast.


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