Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If You Could Only See

Research in this country on brain injury is worse than next to nothing. It's lied about-from the politicians to the survivors. All I have to do for an example is say look at me-did I get research and services? The government decided a while ago there is no recovery from a brain injury. The example for that is Terri Schiavo.

I was banging my head trying to figure out why it's so hard to get services (even when they exist). I used to do this for a living, get services for the disabled, so I shouldn't have a hard time. If you remember, Terri Schiavo had a brain injury (from a heart attack) and a feeding tube. It was a right-to-life case, but think about what happened, the outcome affects brain injury. They said she could die because her brain wouldn't get better. I went back and looked at videos. Even doctors disagreed.
Now how does that affect research and services? You don't get any. To the government the brain doesn't get better, so why waste money on services and research? As you can see, everything "innovative" I got was from private paid resources. Even my brain surgery (which the government wouldn't pay for) was done at Stanford, a private university. I'd be dead now if that didn't happen.
Watch the video in Know that brain injury is part of this "neurological epidemic." He talks about how "the government dropped the ball." It did. Private resources have picked up what they could. In the meantime, many Americans are wondering when they will get better. Well, they won't if it's left to the current state of the government.


For those of you who don't know, I'm part of this "neurological epidemic." I wasn't supposed to be able to write this according to the government. Ask a private paid researcher, though, and it's possible.

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