Sunday, May 28, 2017

People Change

I think scientists around the world have been worried about people being conscious in a body that is not. A few years ago there was this,
A man in Canada could appropriately give yes/no responses by thought when in an fMRI.

This article, and others I have seen, do not suggest this is a form of severe Locked-In Syndrome. I see it as such. "Locked-in syndrome is a rare neurological disorder in which there is complete paralysis of all voluntary muscles" This goes on to read "except for the eyes" and that communication is performed in this manner. I take it one step further. The eye muscles are involved and only brain responses can be given.

This brings back worries of walled-in alive disease, "maladie de l’emmure vivant” in French.

A way to communicate with those "Locked-In" is looked for. A computer/brain interface is being worked on. It is not all-the-way there yet, but I say it is very close. How do I know it is close? I've told people to watch the toys. There are now mind-controlled toys offered to the public.

Mindflex Duel Game

The technology is first put to use in toys. Bugs can be worked out here. As people become used to the technology, it can be applied to more serious issues.

When we have a commercial communication device accessible to the public for communicating by thought, then we will be there. Until then, we'll access mediums and psychics.

What probably happened in my case was I was like this man above who's in Canada. I had thoughts in my head that I couldn't get out of my broken body. I also must have had a secondary condition like savant syndrome, where there is great plasticity and memory. (That disorder happens to be one I know about. Others will have to determine if I have something like this.) It is because of the plasticity that I have that I shortly begin to blink my eyes in response to questions. I did not initially blink for doctors. I did later for family. (I always used family report as a professional because of this. I also worked with babies. They were non-verbal. If a skill is emerging, the family or primary caregivers usually see it first. The skill may not be emerging to them, but a given fact. It is emerging, though, because the skill hasn't been generalized to other people, yet.)

People at Santa Clara Valley Medical (where I was) got suspicious. If family had made up the 'eye blinking thing,' then they were acting on it? Many times the family did not know why they were asked to do a certain thing or say/read specific wording to certain people. That all came from me; that's why. The family wouldn't know. I would. It was soon understood by medical staff that I was using family to communicate.

I lost my private insurance and became full government. At that time, there was a cap on my insurance of how much payment of services a person could receive. I reached that amount. A helicopter ride, brain surgery, and months of hospitalization aren't cheap.

I probably had a secondary condition (I'm going to say it because it won't make sense if I don't, savant syndrome.) I say savant syndrome because of a high amount of plasticity and a high memory. I came out of the coma due to high plasticity. Plasticity is what was working while I was in coma. It would have to be completely biological. No thought processes were involved.

Years pass. I can do most rehab because I remember previous training and education. Savant syndrome has huge memory. I remember techniques n exercises. I have degrees in Psychology and Special Education. I specifically studied Early Intervention. I ran an Early Intervention program for  children ages 0 - 5, who were neurologically impaired or high risk of neurological impairment. My own neurological event happened a few months after I had left that program. It is odd, but I know everything to be done for what happened to me.

Now I am here. My body is mostly disabled, but my mind.... I can't even describe that. I changed over the last 15 years. It wasn't sudden. There's no boom, it's a miracle. I remember reading some time ago that minor changes should be tracked,  Tracking the recovery of consciousness from coma. We didn't. We are doomed to repeat history, but I may have recorded enough for advancement.

 People do change...some at
different rates.

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