Monday, March 6, 2017

Let's Make a Deal

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[A person answered "yes" to this, and this is pretty much my answer with added pictures and corrected mistakes.]

I sort have done this, but the govt has me in a coma. "What the Hell?" I'm now low vision. I remember only being able to see a little with my left eye when my right was patched. Now my right eye is stronger than my left. As far as being in a coma...I was. There may have been misdiagnosis there (Locked In Syndrome and pseudocoma -this is rare, but it is in textbooks).

I initially did not have any speech. I now have limited speech.
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Inventing something to see would only happen if you have the means. I don't. I have done this all with neuroplasticity and possible neurogenesis. Both of these go to high IQ.

[In children, some eye problems are treated by patching the stronger eye. This is so the weaker eye works. I started by trying my darnedest to wiggle that patch off my right eye when I couldn't move my arms. I then would close my left eye and force my right eye to be used. I knew I could see light and that this technique would increase vision.

I wrote on this,

I have been using an OTC eye drop. A while ago an OTC allergy medicine was proposed to reverse blindness. That medicine was later pulled for another reason. These drops are also for allergy and should be investigated. They may have neurogenic properties.]

I doubt my IQ is that much higher. When it was last tested it was either 132 or 142. I'd say it's higher since my stroke, but nowhere near 1000.

I type this all with one finger and have quadriplegia but some movement. I have low vision and limited speech. To look at me, I would easily be put with vegetative patients.

"Imagine how much you could contribute to the human race! (That is, obviously, if having such an intellect directs you towards sharing and commitment.)" Explain that to the govt. I look vegetative so that's where I should be according to them. (By the way, I managed to get out of hospital care which was 2002–2006.)

I'm concentrating on myself at this time. In another 10 years it will probably be the human race. It has only been 14 years since my stroke.

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