Thursday, December 15, 2016

I'm Not Going To Die

It deserves to be front page news.  Medicare withholds food of a comatose patient to await a swallowing evaluation. They screwed up and made me comatose. I'm not worried about food but how to get it in. Rinse n re-use supplies risks infection.

I don't need to be rescued at this moment. If I go without food, I will. My emergency supply runs out next month, probably 1 or 2 weeks in. (My daughter was saving because of the coming zombie apocalypse. She watches a lot of TV.) I run out of feeding bags in 4 days. After that, I am fed by hand. It's the emergency bolus feeding. I found a picture.

The cost of feeding me is not an issue for the government. They can make one less bomb if it is. I'm being metaphorical, but you probably catch my drift. You adjust your budget as needed.


I won't starve to death. All of my medical coverage wasn't stopped. I will be hospitalized before that happens and food will be reinstated under a different part of Medicare. It will be under the hospitalization part.

Which is more cost effective:  feeding or hospitalization?
Medicare/Social Security decided to handle this all on their own. My case should have been given to the National Institute of Health (NIH) long ago. I argued about being vegetative and being on my own. I was told I could as long as I'm not in trouble. It's funny but they are the ones now making trouble.

The bottom of this has the original e-mails with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. I deleted names back then. Hopefully I didn't delete anything important.

Long ago there was a song about feeding 
the world at Christmas.

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