Monday, March 14, 2016

Defined Unconscious

People wonder how I can still be unconscious. I was unconscious at one time. I should have died and then that would have been it.

I will be using the definition from Wikipedia. It is generally accepted, although it may not be agreed upon by everybody. I am only one person who does not agree, but I am not conscious.

The first sentence says this state isn't conscious.
 Am I not "truly aware" to be writing this?

Although my eyes were open. I wasn't responding to professionals. My vegetative state was made permanent.

I didn't make it in that three month window. The signs of consciousness came after that window. This was a big one,

That was a warning right there. I could pay a bill (I communicated by blinking to a family member to do that), yet I was vegetative and not conscious. This letter was 6 months after my brain bleed. It was not in the 3 month window. I was already classified unconscious.

I am able to speak now. It's not that great, but I can make myself understood. I use one finger to type this. I don't walk. I have an electric wheel chair that I will use to get around in my house, but I am mostly in bed. The brain injury did affect me, but I am not unconscious. It was worse when I couldn't speak. It was just assumed I was unconscious and cognitively impaired. I wasn't. This assumption was wrong.

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