Saturday, March 7, 2015

Recovery Not Tracked

Ten years went by and nothing was noticed? There were no signs at all? That's hard to believe. At the end a doctor says, "Our uncertainty level shouldn't be like that."

"Predicting the chances of recovery of consciousness and communication in patients who survive their coma but transit in a vegetative state or minimally conscious state (MCS) remains a major challenge for their medical caregivers."

I'm able to communicate now, and through some weird process that I believe is a secondary disorder, I can explain difficult neurological concepts as well as write...with one finger.

So nothing like the above video should happen and I try to explain. I give my explanation as best I can for what happened to "vegetative," Ten years aren't going by. I'll use my abilities to write with one finger and explain neuroscience. I don't have the equipment, or ability, to track the "slow neuronal changes underlying functional recovery of consciousness from severe chronic brain damage." I'm not worried, though. That will come.

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