Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It Gives Hope

What happens if I'm given Savant Syndrome?  Well...it means I'm conscious, which is important to me. It also gives hope to the tons of brain injury survivors and their families. I got a winning lottery ticket. There is one! So often brain injury survivors are told there is no hope. Me having Savant Syndrome makes this not true.

The person who does this will be fighting a big issue sometimes referred to as NEUROLOGICAL NIHILISM "A neurological nihilism—a sense that treatment for many brain problems was ineffective or even unwarranted—had taken hold, and it spread through our culture, even stunting our overall view of human nature. Since the brain could not change, human nature, which emerges from it, seemed necessarily fixed and unalterable as well." http://www.normandoidge.com/?page_id=1639 This issue is big. It doesn't affect a few countries, but the whole world.

I see the countries in my blog stats. It's not just a few. There are many. There are countries I never heard of. The issue of me not being conscious is global. "Come to Spain," not said in that way, but I'm too busy waving my American flag. (Actually, there was a doctor in Spain. His broken English gave that message.) It's too risky for me to move to another country.
There is a local issue tied to this. A bit ago, a woman with a brain injury caused by a medical condition, had her feeding tube removed. She died. It held lots of controversy. I've been stuck on this one a while. Then it hit me the other day...apply the same thinking we do to late-term abortion. This woman's tube was removed rather late in the game. It was highly controversial . I look  at old videos and question her level of consciousness. Like late-term abortion rules, this would still be controversial, but what happened to her wouldn't have happened. I noticed a hole in her neck. Removal from ventilator early on would have been better. Time limits will have to be developed as not all situations involve a ventilator.

As it is now, the current ruling can be applied to me. I'm obviously not vegetative anymore. This is what happens when the word "persistent" is changed to "permanent." My lack of consciousness persisted, but it wasn't permanently gone. Since the word was changed, I am now permanently without consciousness. This ruling is also in part responsible for my avoidance of hospitals. I'm not going somewhere that might end my life. I find this funny because I was e-mailed explaining that I am in a coma.

Now we go on to Savant Syndrome, Acquired type. "Savant syndrome is a rare but spectacular condition in which persons with developmental disabilities, including but not limited to autism, or other central nervous system (CNS) disorders or disease have some spectacular “islands of genius” that stand in jarring juxtaposition to overall limitations." https://www.wisconsinmedicalsociety.org/professional/savant-syndrome/resources/articles/savant-syndrome-2013-myths-and-realities/  Sounds like me. I wrote this paper, yet I am so disabled I should be in a coma. If you were under the impression that this disorder was autistic only, it does state, "or other central nervous system (CNS) disorders." A brain injury is this. The acquired type of savant syndrome can occur after a brain injury.

That paper goes on, "Typically the skills occur in five general areas—music, art, calendar calculating, mathematics or mechanical/visual-spatial skills." Music could have been if I was able to hold an instrument. My grandmother was a piano teacher. As a baby she would hold me on her lap and sit at the piano. Formal lessons most likely started when I was 4, but I was already advanced. I played in my first piano recital when I was 5. I played daily until I was 9 years old. I moved and saw my grandmother once a week. Children can lose interest and I did. When I was 16. I started piano again, but not as strict, as I was a teenager with ideas. When 16, right before 17, I left high school and started college I
taught myself guitar when 18. I also graduated from college  https://myspace.com/angelar70/post/activity_profile_366221284_dc708415bae048fd93b651b12b20bdf9/comments
Writing can be a form of art-literary art. I use it as a form of communication. That's one reason there is so much. I will be creative. That's where the art comes in. I don't think about that, though.

I tell how I use math, http://thoughtfulveg.blogspot.com/2014/11/impeding-science.html . I will do a complete data-based functional analysis.
I found this in that paper surprising. That article specifically mentions something I do, "Other skills occur less frequently including...outstanding knowledge in specific fields such as neurophysiology." https://www.wisconsinmedicalsociety.org/professional/savant-syndrome/resources/articles/savant-syndrome-2013-myths-and-realities/  How did I end up as group administrator of an on-line group called Neurophysics+? If you have Facebook, the group is located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/IFLNeuro/
It is possible that I just have superpowers. The video below is a man diagnosed with Savant Syndrome, Acquired. His very first sentence, "I don't know how to say Godly moment, but it was one of those moments where you are starting to question what's going on." His injury was from a swimming pool accident. Again, a brain injury not only gives hope but wins the lottery.
Instead of superpowers, I say there must be a reason.

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