Friday, June 22, 2012

Learning Crap

I have said a young child does not rewire. How can they if they did not wire in the first place? Now there might be some, but it depends on the child's age. An infant's wiring is much less than an adolescent's wiring.

When I say "wiring", think of your car or house. Same thing, and most people have to deal with those. If your "wiring is fried", then you have to replace it. In essence "rewire." A new house or car has to be wired when made in order to work.

A disability will distort the wiring. As a child grows, this distortion will become the norm. In the following lecture, a good example of cleft palate and wiring is given.

Around 17min in he talks about a child having a cleft palate speaks and so hears "...muffled English...degraded Japanese. It's crap."

A disability will distort what is coming in, and the child experiences and learns crap. So it is like that when a child has a brain injury. Only it's everything. The brain is the central place for learning and thought. A child experiences crap, learns crap, and thinks crap. So the child grows up giving crap.

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