Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Hard To Find A Caregiver

You may eventually need one. They are not what you think. I happen to have two. The following don't work for me anymore (thank goodness):
First, there's Half-Ass.  She's through the state program.  So government.  Government will give you a Pinto, as opposed to a Cadillac.  Hey, I'd be satisfied with a Ford Escort.  So not only am I given the bare minimum, but the worker also has an attitude against her employer and barely does the job.  
Then there's Half Whit.  She's private pay.  Actually, reduced rent in exchange for care.  Here's an example.  She wanted to know why she had to use the cans of Ensure in the refrigerator when making my drink, and not the ones in the cupboard.  (Excuse me, doesn't your beer come out of the refrigerator?)  

I saw this long ago:

You can get the above two like I did. Sometimes it's worse. You get druggie and thief (had them too). It's hard to find Carrie the Caregiver.

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