Monday, October 31, 2011

It Did More

Early on  I was put on a depression med, an SSRI. In retrospect, that medication did more than stop a current behavior. I took one during the course of my brain injury, Celexa. Here's my comment on another site:

On Twitter there was a Tweet on neurogenesis/depression that got me thinking. When I 1st came out of coma, I couldn't do anything but open my eyes (prolly only my lt eye). A while later (maybe a month)  I could move my head. I couldn't talk. It had been explained to me the AVM was still in my head. It had only "leaked." It couldn't be removed due to size n where it was. When able to move my head, I started shaking it. Doctors knew what I was trying to do-I was gonna make it bleed so it would kill me. They put me on Celexa, an SSRI or anti-depressant. I must have stopped shaking my head soon after cuz I don't remember doing that anymore. That was the beginning of 2003, and I was weaned off (can you believe I was the psych consult?) in 2005/6.

If I hadn't been given that medication would I be able to write this?

There are reports of SSRIs increasing cognition:;; I could go on. There are so many reports.

This document would just be an example of an SSRI's effect other than the immediate reduction of depressive behavior.

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