Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ask The Retard

* [If you refuse to read this because of the word "Retard" in the title, you are missing the point. I only refer to myself as that. If I am so brain damaged, how could I write this?]

Was my glass half empty or half full? I was housed with the "semi-vegetative." I took this to be semi-conscious, and therefore saw my glass half full. Others didn't. "Semi-vegetative" was no more than a vegetable. A semi-PVS. The idea that "mental capacity [is no more] than a corpse" ( existed. Yes I recovered mentally (not motorically), but I've been viewed as a retard. When I began to talk, it was like "Don't listen to her she is brain damaged". Maybe instead of what everyone "thinks", they should just ask the retard.

PVS can be a fate worse than death, especially when you understand, as I did.

I guess PVS is one step beyond that. When that movie was made, hope was a dream. Well, dreams can come true.


  1. Deader than dead? That doesn't even make sense.

    1. Haha! Ed Yong wrote "Deader than dead." He's considered top in his field....Maybe I should be on that field.