Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It Really Is Serious But You Won't Know It

Recently I had to see the doctor. I was given some prescriptions. One was for codeine. I didn't think anything of it, but someone pointed out that codeine is a narcotic. It occurred to me that people can see how serious my situation is by seeing how serious my medication is.

I've been given medication that is stronger than that codeine. I saw a picture describing one. I took the name out, but it's the graphic that got me.

Some people have woken up during surgery. I woke up in the middle of a coma. That's the best way I can think of describing this.

The medication I receive for pain is serious. After that would be to put me back in a coma.


I try to make my situation look typical. Medically fragile was the term I used with children. I worked with these kids. They grow up. Seldom does the problem go away. I guess the term can also apply to adults. From my browser, "A medically fragile condition is defined as a chronic physical condition which results in a prolonged dependency on medical care for which daily skilled nursing intervention is medically necessary." I would try to make the child's situation look typical. I continue to do that with myself.

No one, except fiction compares to the state of my body. I have never met someone who was dead cold. My cognitive skills are high, but my body is not. I still have a feeding tube, and I cannot be flat longer than to change a diaper. I have a hospital bed of which I keep the head of the bed elevated at 40 degrees. I should still be in a hospital but I managed to do a home care situation. It is very unique. Making my situation appear typical isn't easy.

My bedroom looks like a cross between a hospital room and a bedroom in a typical house. My family has learned how to administer my feeding. This is a nursing duty. My situation is far from typical. It even goes beyond the typical home-care situation. Many won't notice, though.

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