Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm a Talking Head

A while ago there was a popular band called Talking Heads.

It isn't the "same as it ever was"  as he says.

That's basically all I am, a talking head. Actually I'm a talking head and an arm. Oh, everything is all there. The only things that work consistently, though, are my head and this one finger I type with. More will most likely work in the future, but it has taken this long to get these going.

It's taken a long time for that head and arm to work. I've put those ideas here on how to get an arm to work. It's not that crazy. Look up Edward Taub sometime. He's doing it. I just take his stuff further.

I had to find a way to get all this stuff out. I guess the ideas started with me, like that arm thing.  I had to get an arm to work. Now that I can get the ideas out to you, I can think of all kinds of stuff....

 (I knew I was going to fly.)

*Taub's stuff is not yet covered by insurance. 

Updated 4-17-2014

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