Monday, January 7, 2013

Fine, I'll Do It My Own Way!

The only reason I'm alive today is because I did not follow the government's policy on the treatment of my condition. "Washington, DC – In a first of its kind study, the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) determined that performing certain medical procedures or withholding life sustaining treatment in non-terminal situations without judicial review violates the civil rights of people with disabilities."

My disability comes from a blood clot in my head that leaked, but did not rupture all the way. Common sense would say to remove the blood clot so no further damage can occur. The government policy is to leave the blood clot and treat it with medication.


In my case, I was given a life expectancy of a few years ago, because the blood clot should have fully ruptured and claimed my life by then. I am older than what was predicted. I did not follow this policy.

The first hospital records state:

I did have "recovery of consciousness and motor function." My insurance wouldn't provide what I needed, though. The policy is to manage the problem with medication. Not only does one remain disabled, but also at-risk of dying.

I found someone, Stanford, who would remove the problem altogether. Once that was out of the way, other things could be worked on, like this

The surgery that Stanford provided is key. What you see now wouldn't be possible without them.

Fine government, I'll do it my own way!


UPDATED     12/26/2015

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  1. No surgery n only the use of medication was "based on [the govt's] assumptions about [my] awareness and quality of life." If rights have been violated, then mine were.